Gift Wrapped Boxes

Relevant to my interests. #piano #music #🎢 #🎹 #accessories

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Statue of Liberty

A Piano-Inspired History Lesson

via Instagram Francis Bacon Piano Co, established 230 years ago in 1789 by, among others, John Jacob Astor. One year later, 14 years after the Declaration of Independence, the 10th president of the United …

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A Concert Grand Kind of Day

The iconic @steinwayandsons Model D 9’ concert grand. An oldie but still a goodie. #piano #grandpiano #steinway #steinwayandsons #concertgrand #musicmaker via Instagram

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Unrolled player piano roll with punchings visible

Pianola in the Wild

This isn’t the actual piano I worked on today, but this 5 1/2 octave Pianola with an old school player system seemed more worthy of its own post. #piano #playerpiano #pianola #musicalinstrument #oldschool via Instagram …

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An Afternoon at All Classical Portland

Over the weekend, my daughter and I trekked down to the studio of Portland’s amazing classical radio station, All Classical Portland for a Halloween party and movie showing of Hotel Transylvania hosted by the International …

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On the Awesomeness of Pianos

Thoughts on the awesomeness of pianos from Franz Liszt in a book about Chopin. Β  via Instagram A lot of people tend to wait for second versions of newfangled technology to come out before …

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Are you ready for a new round of nerdy piano book recommendations? Of course you are! #piano #book #bookstagram #reading #nerd #history #classicalmusic #chopin #music #musicology #booknerd #nowreading via Instagram A super cool piano …

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A Quintessential Pacific Northwest View

Clouds, Rain, and Evergreens. It doesn’t get any more PNW than this.

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My Favorite Things

Are you a Portland area community music organization interested in being sponsored by Andante Piano Works? Drop us a line anytime! We absolutely love being a part of the musical fabric of the local community …

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QRS Player Roll

Something Old, Something New

Player pianos have come a long way since they were invented in the late 1800s, but I came across an old-school system that merges the old with the new in a really cool way. It …

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Recommended Reading

The following are some of my favorite piano related DVDs and books. Links will take you to Amazon, where you can purchase a copy for your piano library. I love to read…and the only thing perhaps that I …

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Adventures in Tracking Down an Autoharp

I’ve never been one of those people who spends the weekend antique-ing or garage sale-ing, but yesterday I spent a large portion of my day tracking down an amazing deal on autoharps at an estate …

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