Specialty Piano Maintenance & Consulting

There’s a whole lot that goes into keeping an instrument that weighs 300-1200lbs and has more moving parts than a car running smoothly. Oftentimes even small repairs and tweaks can make a big difference in your ability to enjoy your instrument, or perhaps you need more but don’t quite know exactly what “more” it is that you need. Your annual tuning is an excellent opportunity for you to voice any concerns or ask questions about your piano.

Benefits of Regular Piano Maintenance

Go beyond tuning and learn more about the various ways to keep your piano looking, feeling and sounding its best:

  • Evaluations are an excellent way to gauge what exactly is going on with your instrument and what to keep an eye on as far as future needs.
  • Many small issues can feel very big, such as a sticking key that won’t allow you to repeat a note or a squeaky pedal that distracts you. Luckily, most can be resolved with relative ease and efficiency so you can go back to focusing on the music.
  • As people advance as piano players, their needs for their instrument may change. Consistent maintenance and communication with your technician allows your piano to keep up with you.
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