Piano Tuning Services

Piano tuning is primarily about making a piano sound the way it “should.” An out of tune piano will often sound twangy, muddy, and thin, while tuning brings a fresh clarity and resonance to the sound.We tune each piano as an individual—thanks to our aural (by ear) tuning method—getting the most out of your unique instrument. We recommend professional tuning of your piano at least once a year, perhaps more depending on your personal needs.

Benefits of Regular Piano Tuning

Regular piano tunings offer a number of positives that go far beyond making your piano sound just right:

  • A piano tuned on a regular schedule tends to stay in tune. A piano will go out of tune much more quickly if it is tuned once every five years rather than once a year since it is difficult for pianos to maintain such a big change, similar to how a guitar with new strings goes out of tune much more quickly as the strings adjust to the new tension level.
  • Pianos are designed to be at a certain tension, which is maintained via piano tuning. Keeping the overall tension on an even keel therefore helps maintain the overall structural stability of the piano, which in turn helps prolong the life of your instrument.
  • Annual piano tunings are the best way to keep an eye on every element of the piano. Like an oil change for a car, having a technician inspect the piano regularly allows us to spot and monitor any potential issues with your instrument early on before they have an opportunity to become actual big issues.
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