Our Piano Services

Does your piano in the Portland, Oregon metro area need some TLC?

Pianos are very complex, containing more moving parts than a car, but what matters to the player comes down to two things: How the piano sounds and how the piano feels. Here at APW, we are dedicated to not just making your piano sound and feel “right”, but to making your piano sound and feel right to you.

  • Regulation
    How does your piano feel? There's a lot that can be done to tweak or fully overhaul the touch of your instrument. We work closely with our clients to customize the minute adjustments throughout the playing mechanism in order to make every note feel smooth and consistent.
  • Reconditioning
    An extension of regulation, reconditioning also includes the cleaning and refurbishing of existing parts in order to make it play evenly again, since different parts tend to wear unevenly over time. It is ideal for pianos with moderate wear and tear, but not in need of large scale replacement of structural components and parts.
  • Evaluation/Appraisal
    Need to know more about your instrument? Let us help you with an examination of your piano to determine its condition, its service needs, and/or its worth for insurance, sales or purchase purposes.

Note: Because each service call is unique, please fill out my service form for a rate quote. New clients, please take a moment to read the Andante Piano Works policies and frequently asked questions

COVID-19 Service Alert: We are preparing to resume service calls soon—sign up for the priority list to be contacted for an appointment.

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