Maintenance for Yamaha Disklaviers, PianoDisc & QRS Player Systems

Modern player pianos are chock full of parts and electronic components that power and control the player system. We offer system setup, training, and repair (including, if necessary, replacement of player components) for Yamaha Disklavier, PianoDisc, and QRS systems

Modern Player Piano Care

Modern player piano systems add a whole new dimension to your instrument with their own unique service needs. Regular, preventative maintenance goes a long way towards keeping the music on for years to come.

  • Like any other computer or electronics system, manufacturers regularly release system upgrades to improve and ensure the performance of your player piano. It is important to keep up with these updates in order to get the most out of your system.
  • Modern player pianos are full of amazing features (did you know that they even stream music over the internet directly to your keyboard?), but those same features can be overwhelming. We provide training and support to get you comfortable with your player system so you can enjoy your player piano to its fullest.
  •  To keep your player system functioning at its best, as well as to prevent burnout of the electronic components, periodic check-ins and adjustments (if needed) are recommended.
  • Your annual piano tuning is an ideal time to make sure your player system stays in tip-top shape.
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