Piano Tuning & Repair Serving the Portland metro area

Andante Piano Works makes your piano yours.

A Personalized Approach to Piano Care

As a piano technician and a lifelong piano player, I intimately understand the needs of my clients and strive to maximize the sound and touch of every piano I encounter, from the smallest spinets to the 9’ concert grands to complex modern Yamaha Disklaviers. Nothing makes me happier at the end of of service call than the knowledge that the needs of both my client and the piano have been fully met.

Piano Tuning

Ready to get the most out of your piano?

Piano tuning is THE most important form of maintenance for your instrument. Let us help make sure your piano can truly make music and not just noise by making your piano sound its best with our aural tuning method.

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Modern Player Piano Service

What happens when you push play?

Modern player pianos, including Yamaha Disklavier, PianoDisc and QRS systems, are chock full of parts and electronic components that power and control the player unit. Here at APW, we specialize in the unique maintenance needs of these systems.

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Maintenance & Consulting

What's going on under the lid?

From the small repairs that make a big difference to large scale adjustments of every part of the interior playing mechanism, to consulting on your current or potential future piano, APW provides a wide array of solutions to help guide your piano ownership journey.

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