[Announcement] Celebrating (almost) Six Years of Business

I realized recently that it has been almost six years since I founded Andante Piano Works.

While six years isn’t generally considered a milestone anniversary, it’s significant to me because it means that I’ve successfully been running my own business for as long as I was employed at my previous job as a service department supervisor/technician at a local piano store.

Running my own business was always my long-term goal from the start of my career as a piano technician, but it was definitely hard to consider leaving my colleagues and the familiarity and stability of a full-time position that included really good health insurance without a guarantee of success. But I was at a point where I needed to re-prioritize doing what I really love, which is working on pianos.

I was scared but did everything I could to prepare myself for the next phase of my career. I had business cards designed and printed. I took an accounting class to properly learn how to do my bookkeeping. I attended and took copious notes at an official Washington state Department of Revenue workshop on how to properly collect sales tax and file annual returns. I hired the best design studio around to craft a website that would be welcoming to clients and radiate my nerdy love for pianos and piano work.

 The first iteration of andantepianoworks.com, launched on September 15, 2012 The first iteration of andantepianoworks.com, launched on September 15, 2012

I had six years of experience tuning, regulating and repairing thousands of pianos at a store that has a constantly rotating standing inventory of 300 pianos at all times.

I had six years of experience working with clients in the field, concert artists, manufacturer’s service and sales reps, and parts suppliers.

I had a small base of private clients.

And here we are, six years later. Thank you.

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